• We will work in a professional, ethical and client focused way.

  • We guarantee you confidentiality unless we are concerned with your safety or the safety of anyone else.  This would be in line with the professional principles you currently work within.

  • We will make every effort to keep appointments we have made. We will be well prepared for our calls and be ready to concentrate just on you.
  • We will pitch our costs to make it possible for not for profit organisations to see our service as a worthwhile investment. Our cost per session is AUD $125 and we are open to negotiation.
  • Within 3 days of our session we will forward a written summary and an invoice.
  • Our work will be strongly influenced by our years of experience and our adherence to the principles of Results Based Accountability as developed by Mark Friedman.          

As our name implies we will be focusing on results. We want you to feel your investment of time and money has been useful. We don’t want to go round in circles. We will monitor the degree to which we are meeting your expectations.


  • We will provide you with trainers and facilitators who have training (from Mark Friedman who developed RBA) and attendance at RBA Conference in Sydney and Belfast and extensive experience in the Results Based Accountability framework.
  • Our goal is to make you confident to implement the suite of RBA tools into your organisation…..we will teach you and support you but you will become self-sufficient.
  • We will provide follow up sessions to ensure you are on track and will always be available to answer questions about your implementation journey.