Sue Richards: Principal and Mentor       

Over 35 years’  experience in child and family welfare. 

Foster carer ….. Short term placements that involved ongoing contact with natural family.  Still in contact with four of these young people who are now middle aged and doing OK.

Two years fulltime student at Milperra Campus UWS (Associate Diploma in Child and Family Welfare). Learned the politics of writing essays that expressed views I didn’t necessarily agree with in order to pass the course.

Ryde Family Support Service. Embraced the values of this model of working and learned to believe in people, even when they didn’t yet believe in themselves. Strong feminist perspective and focus on child protection and family safety. A wonderful experience but a change in my circumstances meant I needed to seek higher paying employment.

Established Midwest Community Options and worked there for about 6 years. Loved the brokerage model and did some very exciting work. Funding gradually shrank.

Moved to a Community Options Program within the Health Department. Needed to develop ways of integrating government framework with a non-government model.  Loved the client focus. 

Tempted back to the Family Support environment as CEO of the NSW Family Support Services Association, later FamS. Dream job. Supported organisations who were providing life changing services to disadvantaged families and their children. Struggled to demonstrate the value of their work to Government. Results Based Accountability gave us the framework and increasingly there is an outcomes focus rather than a busy-ness focus.

I am fortunate to have done extensive RBA training as both as a learner and a trainer.  I have worked on several occasions with Mark Friedman when he presented Train the Trainer sessions in Sydney – wonderful experience being “the sorcerer’s apprentice”.

I was part of hosting the first RBA Conference outside the USA (Creating Results) and attended global  conferences in Sydney and Belfast. Trained Government services and non government in New Zealand and across Australia and negotiated partnership with Results Leadership Group (in the US) now Clear Impact to promote and support their RBA work.

Partnerships with RLG, Barnardos, Benevolent Society and others were valuable and supportive. Left due to relocation and to be honest, some exhaustion.

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Teresa Findlay Barnes: Mentor

Teresa was instrumental in the dreaming about and establishment of Focus of Results. Some health issues have led her to decide to cut back on this commitment, but she is available for telephone based mentoring.


  • Studied for BA Sydney University
  • Junior Secondary Social Sciences, Sydney Teachers Training College
  • Diploma Communication, UTS Sydney
  • Awarded Churchill Fellowship looking at Family Support and Child Protection Services in the US
  • Foundation Committee Member of NSE Family Support Services (known as FamS) and Families Australia
  • NSW Family Services Roll of Honour

Teresa was a leader in the genesis of Family Support in New South Wales. She used her significant energy, courage and knowledge to influence the belief in the early intervention as a model for supporting families to be the best parents they could be. She was never afraid to communicate with politicians, senior public servants and colleagues and point out how things could be done better. She is still working as a Board Member of local services on the Central Coast of New South Wales. 



  • Masters in International Social Work and Community Development, University of East London, UK
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication, University of Colorado
  • Harwood Institute Public Innovation Lab
  • RBA Train the Trainer course run by Mark Friedman.

Professional Experience

NSW Family Services Inc./Results Leadership Group Australia

  • Provided training and facilitation in the Results Based Accountability Framework, customized to suit audience.
  • Supported and coached organisations to build the practice of Results Based Accountability outcomes measurement framework and data analysis
  • Provided training, consultation and support using the Results Scorecard™ a software presentation and communication tool designed to capture data and move organisations from talk to action.

Shine for Kids – Senior Project Worker
Sure Start Penge, London UK
International Save the Children Alliance, London UK, Researcher/Intern
First Step for Families, Case Worker, San Mateo California

Beth has a deep commitment to helping organisations improve the lives of community members, families, youth and children.  She is skilled and compelling facilitator and will always go the extra mile to ensure that her customers get real value for the investment they make in contracting her.  She is an expert in Results Based Accountability and the use of the Results Software. I was her manager for about eight years and she was a great team member and a superb networker.

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RUTH SANGER: RBA Facilitator

Currently living in Sydney.  I keep bumping into her at RBA Global Conferences.  She has two young children and has been concentrating on them for a while, but is now keen to get back into work.  She is a great trainer, mentor, change agent and organiser. Also very good dinner companion and global citizen.


  • BSc (Hons)1st Open University UK
  • Diploma H.E(Geography) University of Birmingham , UK
  • PG Dip. (Public Leadership and Management) University of Warwick Business School, UK
  • Qualified RBA Trainer and has implemented RBA across a complex organisation in the Welsh Government

Ruth worked for the Welsh Government in the Health and Social Services Directorate from 2003-2006 .  She started as a Program Support Officer in the Innovations Branch, Economic Development Department and held a series of positions culminating in being Business Planning Manager in the Public Services and Local Government Delivery Directorate from 2006-2012. She started in the organisation as a Program Support Officer in the Innovations Branch Economic Development Department and held a series of positions culminating in being Business Planning Manager in the Public Services and Local Government Delivery Directorate DG Operations Team. 

She has an impressive and detailed CV supplied on request via email:

Deirdre Ryan

Deirdre Ryan lives in rural North Canterbury New Zealand. She combines her role as manager of a social services organisation with her passion for mentoring, training, and leadership coaching (Salta Limited).

For over two decades, Deirdre has worked within a range of corporate and community based organisations as a facilitator, coach and senior manager.


  • Community development, management and commerce (specialising in organisational development).
  • Deirdre is among New Zealand’s leading practitioners in Results Based Accountability™ (RBA) having worked with this approach for over 10 years.

Deirdre now provides outcomes based training and support across a range of settings throughout New Zealand encompassing community, health, social service and community wide sectors. She has shared her experiences at national and international conferences and workshops on both the organisational and community perspectives on how to measure improved performance for individuals, teams and services. 


We hold a licence with Clear Impact which allows us to use the large body of work that has developed around the Results Based Accountability framework. We will seek accreditation as soon as it is available.

We are part of a dynamic group of organisations who are exploring better ways of connecting with communities, individuals and each other. This organisation is known as The Jeder Institute and is growing in knowledge, confidence and influence.